The last decade witnessed a dramatic change in the pharmaceutical market making any reliance upon the traditional approach to pharmaceutical sales and marketing a shortcut to product failure.

In addition to the tightened regulations that require evidenced efficacy, safety and manufacturing quality, there is an increasing challenge in the process of pricing and reimbursing of pharmaceuticals. This shift has accelerated the emergence of a key group of influential stakeholders and provided the catalyst for an environment that is increasingly being controlled by payers.

Achieving market access in this new landscape is as much about understanding the needs of non-clinical stakeholders as it is about influencing the traditional, clinical decision-maker. This last mile to reaching the target becomes the hardest, and is in some cases neglected in the product road map.

Interestingly, pharmaceutical and biotech companies became aware of this substantial change and organized themselves accordingly; however, market access for many products is still suffering from significant delays and sub-optimal results. Is this the result of a broad-brush approach to addressing this economic challenge? Are companies’ structures so clustered that they prevent the unlocking of true product value?

partner 4 health invites you to adopt a pragmatic transversal approach to packaging data:

  • In the right way
  • For the right customer
  • At the right time

We help you:

  • Considering the implications your product may have on the wider healthcare market


  • Searching, analyzing and communicate the “value” of your product to the range of customers who influence uptake


  • Write Core Value Dossier


  • Tailor messages to the needs of each customer


  • Design, report and publish pharmaco-economic studies as needed