Medical Affairs

Life cycle management and knowledge transfer are delicate tasks handled by Medical Affairs, a department that sits between two “opposite” worlds: R&D, where science may predominate, and real practice, where life is what it is. Medical Affairs people have to translate the science language into a language that speaks to a variety of stakeholders, including marketers, health authorities, payers, clinicians and patients. At partner 4 health we are delighted to support you in this multilingual translation, thanks to our transversal approach in conducting any mission.

Many of our services are dedicated to Medical Affairs:

  • In-depth analysis of in-house clinical and pharmacological data


  • Literature search and analysis of scientific/medical information with a synthetic report including summary tables and executive summary

  • Medical conception and writing of:


  • - Abstracts and posters
    - Publications in peer review journals
    - White papers
    - Brochures and guidelines
    - Scientific communication tools including Questions & Answers, slide kits, and review of commercial material


  • Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of published/in-house data


  • Advisory Boards and Scientific Committees set-up, management and support (Interaction with experts, briefing, transcript, minutes and follow-up)


  • Summary of important findings from medical conferences and congresses


  • Establishing and maintaining an active compliance program


  • Training on how to write, read and interpret a scientific paper, and biostatistics


  • Elaboration of e-learning modules

partner 4 health helps you ensure continuity with R&D activities, especially in thinking, designing and reporting post-marketing and pharmacoeconomic studies.

We are also keen to enhance the development of your medical human resources through training and coaching. Please contact us if you wish to further discuss this offer.